Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wooly comforters for winter #lambswool #DSHorne #2KW #leather

A girlfriend was so inspired by the lambswool throws at the 2KW bar that we just had to visit a specialist leather merchant in Adelaide.  D.S Horne has been a family business for over 60 years and proved to be an aladdin's cave of leather goods.

After much deliberation, she eventually chose to go with 4 of the auburn coloured
lambswool skins, similar to the one on the right.

While the girlfriend pored over her skins, I wandered the shop looking at all the other Aussie products.  I wasn't surprised to learn that D.S. Horne supplies a range of companies, including the iconic R.M. Williams, which co-incidentally is also based in Adelaide.

I could see myself in one of these arkubra hats. 

Although I don't think ugg boots are really me.  Maybe as slippers?

I've never seen leather with a floral print. I wonder what you could use this for?

They had some lovely leather wallets and purses.  I was taken with the fish skin
wallets made from barramundi and stingray.

Kangaroo skins

The place is worth the visit.  You'll find them at 113 Muller Road, Hampstead Gardens.
Or you can check out their website here.  They ship overseas.

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