Thursday, June 11, 2015

Olive Trees in the Adelaide Parklands #olives #trees #parklands

The first olive trees were brought to Adelaide on the HMS Buffalo
in 1836, the city's founding year.  A few of that very first batch of olive trees
were planted on Kangaroo Island, with the rest of them
planted out at Elder Park on the banks of the River Torrens. 

The Elder Park olives were transplanted to North Adelaide in the first few 
years of settlement. Up until 1900, thousands of olive trees were 
planted throughout the Adelaide parklands.

From what I can work out the olive trees (photographed in this post)
 on the edge of Victoria Park were planted in 1872.

Even back then the colony of South Australia had a thriving
olive oil business, exporting the oil to other colonies.

Many of the olive trees survive to this day throughout sections
of the Adelaide parklands, with the city council issuing licences
each year to locals who want to pick the olives for either pickling
or making olive oil. 

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