Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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Yesterday, I took inspiration from The Conservatory Garden and Home shop for outdoor chairs, today I want to explore how well blue can go with plants, especially indoor plants.

The Conservatory has a 'blue room' with heaps of style ideas.  Owner Jeffrey Bowden is the buyer and the styler. Isn't he clever? Lynne Ishak is the manager and a font of knowledge in regards to how to care for and where to plant plants, as are her staff.

Don't these blue-and-white geometric patterns simply framed work well?

In my own home, blue adds a pop of colour to a side-table setting (above and below), with green and white accentuating the look.

The blues in this setting work with the painting and the black-shade lamps.  But I really do need a blue-and-white pot for the cycad. Perhaps another trip to The Conservatory?

I like how the turquoise blue cushion works with the brown leather chair. It helps to bring out the blues in the painting above.

Even outdoors I find blue works well with the greens and browns of the plants. Here in our rear courtyard, black pots and a black and white cushion add contrast to the 'greek' blue doors.

And while this post might sound like an ad for The Conservatory, it isn't. Remember, as I've said before, I don't take money or product for my posts.  It is purely at my editorial discretion as to what I post on.  I just happen to really like The Conservatory and what it offers and I love to support small businesses in South Australia.  You will find their website here

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