Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Miss Fisher Costume Exhibition #KerryGreenwood #fashion

I finally went along to the Miss Fisher's Costume Exhibition at Ayres House Museum on North Terrace today with a girlfriend.  The Adelaide exhibition closes on Sunday 14th February and heads to Sydney where it will be at Old Government House at Parramatta from March 15th. So you better be quick if you want to see it in Adelaide.

Sorry about the quality of the photos but I forgot my glam camera and had to use the iPhone!

For those of you not familiar with Miss Phyrne Fisher, she is the protagonist in the Phyrne Fisher Murder Series written by Kerry Greenwood and made into a TV series for the ABC.

I discovered Kerry Greenwood about 10 years ago and had read all her books way before her murder mysteries were made into a TV series. Kerry is a wonderful writer of 'light' fiction.  She also writes historical fiction and has another series with baker Corina Chapman as the protagonist.

With the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries set in 1920s Melbourne, the costumes in the TV series  reflect the art deco of the period. Designer Marion Boyce has made some wonderful costumes for the series as indeed she did for that recent great Aussie movie, The Dressmaker. Oscar nomination coming up!

And of course Ayres House Museum on North Terrace in the city is a wonderful backdrop for the exhibition. Run by the National Trust, construction of Ayres House began in 1846 for the Premier of South Australia, Sir Henry Ayres.

                                                         Photo via National Trust site.

                                                                  Amazing ceiling

                                                             Accessories to die for.

                                                           Love a good brooch.

                          Hours of work have gone into the fascinators and hair clips.

                                     How about the lacework on this garment?

Isn't this coat divine?  It is weighted at the hemline so that it falls beautifully.

                                                    Amazing tennis costumes! 
                                Perhaps I could wear a similar outfit for golf?

                                 Why don't they make bathers like this anymore?

                                                      Maybe not for me???

              Dressmaking table...  reminds me of my mum who was a dressmaking teacher.

                                               Similar to my night attire.

Ever wondered how to iron the fringe on a shawl. Pin it of course!

                             And finally off to the pub for champagne!