Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blackwood Golf Club #Golf #blackwoodgolf #hickory

The North Adelaide ladies played the ladies of the Vines (sounds biblical) yesterday at Blackwood Golf Club. 

Blackwood is in the Adelaide Hills, at Cherry Gardens.  It gets very cold in the hills and very wet.

While we didn't have to endure the rain yesterday it was cold enough for me to wear a beanie. Comfort over fashion.  Sorry, no photo evidence.

The ladies converging....

And off go group 2......

While Blackwood gets a lot of rain and even a smattering of snow at times, the course fairways suffer from burn off due to frost. 

Our leader, Louise, and team member, Carolyn, euphoric at the North Adelaide win.  We are now in the final, playing Grange at West lakes next week.

Not that I want to be overly competitive but I've booked myself in for a lesson tomorrow and plan to play three rounds this week and get in a practice session. I need work on my fairway wood technique.  Playing it very low key.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wooly comforters for winter #lambswool #DSHorne #2KW #leather

A girlfriend was so inspired by the lambswool throws at the 2KW bar that we just had to visit a specialist leather merchant in Adelaide.  D.S Horne has been a family business for over 60 years and proved to be an aladdin's cave of leather goods.

After much deliberation, she eventually chose to go with 4 of the auburn coloured
lambswool skins, similar to the one on the right.

While the girlfriend pored over her skins, I wandered the shop looking at all the other Aussie products.  I wasn't surprised to learn that D.S. Horne supplies a range of companies, including the iconic R.M. Williams, which co-incidentally is also based in Adelaide.

I could see myself in one of these arkubra hats. 

Although I don't think ugg boots are really me.  Maybe as slippers?

I've never seen leather with a floral print. I wonder what you could use this for?

They had some lovely leather wallets and purses.  I was taken with the fish skin
wallets made from barramundi and stingray.

Kangaroo skins

The place is worth the visit.  You'll find them at 113 Muller Road, Hampstead Gardens.
Or you can check out their website here.  They ship overseas.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Buxton Street North Adelaide #realestate #adelaide #southaustralia

It is Saturday morning here in my home town and it's time for my weekly realestate dream.

This morning I've been quite taken by a charming villa at North Adelaide.  It has a relaxed country feel about it.  The fact that it is adjacent to the North Adelaide Golf Course just ratchets up the dream quotient in my eyes.

Nice wide entrance hall

Spacious family room

Love the outdoor dining area.  Aren't those chairs great. Table, chandelier, decking, stone
work and alfresco doors are all working for me.

Formal reception room

Modern artwork goes so well in a traditional setting.

So much to love here.  Grey/green colour of the cupboards, light walls, pendant lighting,
black contrasts, wooden table and chairs... light filled...  the list goes on...

Have to love a bedroom with an ensuite and walk-in robe. Liking the marble fireplace.

Perhaps my favourite view.

To continue the dream, you can check out more here

Friday, June 26, 2015

2KW - a new rooftop restaurant #2KW #restaurant #food #wine

One of the newer bar and restaurants to open in Adelaide is 2KW.  The rooftop establishment sits 8 floors up, on  the corner of King William Street and North Terrace.

The building, formerly the Bank of NSW and then Westpac, was designed in the modern art deco style by Philip Claridge, Colin Hassell and Jack Hobbs McConnell in 1939.  It was completed in 1942,  during the difficult period of the 2nd World War.

Adelaide Oval, River Torrens and the rooftops of the Festival Centre.

In today's post there are a few photos of the views from the rooftop bar. I'll post on the restaurant later.

The photos had to be taken through a 3 metre tall sheet of glass at night, so reflections are part of the deal.
St Peter's Cathedral

University Oval

Parliament House in the foreground and Intercontinental Hotel behind.

Government House

These lambswool throws certainly help on a chilly night.

Cosy Cabanas sit up to 10

The rooftop bar is distinctive from, but compliments the many new laneway and basement bars that have opened across Adelaide in the past couple of years.  The views are great over the low-rise historic buildings that line North Terrace. And during the day you can see across Adelaide to the sea.  Sunsets should be pretty special.  I predict we'll see a few more rooftop bars open up in the coming years.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blue inspiration #homedecoration #design #style #plants #bluedecoration

Yesterday, I took inspiration from The Conservatory Garden and Home shop for outdoor chairs, today I want to explore how well blue can go with plants, especially indoor plants.

The Conservatory has a 'blue room' with heaps of style ideas.  Owner Jeffrey Bowden is the buyer and the styler. Isn't he clever? Lynne Ishak is the manager and a font of knowledge in regards to how to care for and where to plant plants, as are her staff.

Don't these blue-and-white geometric patterns simply framed work well?

In my own home, blue adds a pop of colour to a side-table setting (above and below), with green and white accentuating the look.

The blues in this setting work with the painting and the black-shade lamps.  But I really do need a blue-and-white pot for the cycad. Perhaps another trip to The Conservatory?

I like how the turquoise blue cushion works with the brown leather chair. It helps to bring out the blues in the painting above.

Even outdoors I find blue works well with the greens and browns of the plants. Here in our rear courtyard, black pots and a black and white cushion add contrast to the 'greek' blue doors.

And while this post might sound like an ad for The Conservatory, it isn't. Remember, as I've said before, I don't take money or product for my posts.  It is purely at my editorial discretion as to what I post on.  I just happen to really like The Conservatory and what it offers and I love to support small businesses in South Australia.  You will find their website here