Sunday, June 07, 2015

Semaphore beach #beach #semaphore

Even on a winter's day in Adelaide, it can still be great weather for a 
stroll along the beach. 

Semaphore beach runs for kilometres and is flanked by enormous sand dunes.

The jetty is one of the longest along the Adelaide coastline, 
standing at 585 metres long.  When it was built in 1860 it 
was 652 metres but storms have knocked off a few metres.

The main shopping strip in Semaphore is Semaphore Road, one of the 
widest boulevards in Adelaide. The jetty leads directly off it.

Norfolk Island pines line the esplanade.

photo courtesy of National Railway Museum

The cute Fort Glanville stream train runs along the sand dunes from 
Fort Glanville to Semaphore on Sundays through Spring to Autumn. 
But for a full list of opening times and details, click here

It was a perfect day for fish and chips with my mum and sister, soaking up the winter's sun.

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