Monday, June 22, 2015

A few of my favourite things #design #architecture #adelaide #beautifulthings

This bronze statue lights our
entrance hallway.
 Isn't it interesting how design plays such a significant role in our lives.

Some things are admired for their beauty, some for their practicality. 

I always think it is best when the two attributes are combined.

This french clock  tells me the time.
The old fireplace is an architectural feature but is
also capable of warming the room.

This bench top is practical for preparing food and you can never have enough storage.
As for the stool, it makes a great place for someone to sit at
with a glass of wine to keep me company while I cook.

The balustrade is athestically pleasing  and comes with the
added benefit of stopping me falling down the stairs. 

There's windows and then there's windows. This arched window at the top 
of the landing acts as a skylight.  The light dances and changes throughout 
the day. 

I love the design of these doorstoppers and how practical!

I wouldn't be without a rail for drying clothes. The shirts
dry with almost no creases. I only bought a dryer last year.  We managed
to go 35 years of married life without one.

The opening skylight in the laundry is beautifully designed and has improved the feel
of the room enormously. 

The rattan inserts in the built-in robes look 'plantation' style and
have the benefit of allowing airflow through the clothes, avoiding mould.

And how elegant are silk curtains with their luxurious tie-backs?

Just a few of my favourite things.

Eclectic I know.

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