Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My first book: The Popeye Murder - OUT NOW on as paperback and ebook

A macabre murder of one of Adelaide’s top chefs on a small ferryboat sees dozens of journalists and foodies marked as suspects, including reporter Rebecca Keith. In a bizarre twist, The Advertiser’s editor seizes the opportunity and assigns her to cover the murder for the newspaper. Little does Rebecca know that her investigation will lead her through a slew of prime suspects—and headlong into mortal danger. Will Rebecca’s work help unravel the mystery and solve the crime? Or will her own personal entanglements ultimately lead to her demise?

A lighthearted thriller full of intrigue and betrayal, The Popeye Murder: A Rebecca Keith Mystery features a full cast of eccentric characters set against the rich backdrop of Adelaide and its lush food and wine culture.

OUT NOW - AVAILABLE here through as an ebook or paperback. If you live in Adelaide and want a paperback, you can purchase it at Dymocks at Burnside Village or at Booked at North Adelaide Village.

My next book is titled A Royal Murder, with the murder taking place at Royal Adelaide Golf Course.


  1. I love that The Popeye Murder is set in Adelaide featuring our local food and wine culture with an interesting mix of intriguing characters. It's an easy read with enough suspense to keep you guessing until the end.
    Now I'm looking forward to reading about Rebecca Keith's next adventure.

    1. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the read. Thanks so much for commenting. I must get stuck into the next book! Cheers, Sandra