Thursday, May 07, 2015

#Colonial style

Raffles in Singapore

I love a touch of colonial style.  Last year we were living in subtropical Brisbane and Colonial Style really worked there.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll post some photos of our Brisbane apartment?
Anyway, back in Adelaide, with its mediterranean climate, I think it still works.  More colonial Moroccan or Indian than equatorial. I'm a big fan of indo-chine as well.

Last year we visited Singapore and had a good look around Raffles.  Lots of inspiration.

Love the cloisters

I bought this campaign desk and chair in Melbourne last year

And here it is in my Adelaide study

Covet the lamp

A corner of our lounge room

We are about to re-tile our upstairs terrace as we are getting leaks every time it rains.  We have to rip up the old tiles, re-do the waterproof membrane and re-tile.  I've bought some beautiful moroccan tiles to replace the sandstone tiles. Perhaps you may be interested in a post on that? Before and After.

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