Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mum's and Jean's #Garden Project Day 1

Our beautiful mum

My sister and I started the veggie patch in her and Mum's back yard yesterday.
It was a beautiful day to be outside.  But this gardening caper is seriously
hard yakka. It felt good though.  It's nice to come away from exercise with 
the sense that you have accomplished something.
Mum is nearly blind now but I put some of the soil in her hand so she could
feel how friable it was.   She loved sitting out in the sunshine and was
able to give us the benefit of her considerable garden knowledge. 

After we cleared off the bark chips we weeded and put down newspaper.
Yes, some people still buy the paper.

Next, we put down some compost
Jean has been preparing this lot for a few years!

It might not be gym gear but it was considerably more comfortable and not
as scary. Although there could be a hint of  scarecrow going on here.

Then came the straw, blood and bone and water.

We've only prepared half of the patch.  We'll do the other half
next week.  We didn't want to over tax ourselves.

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