Friday, May 01, 2015

Ruth Law

Studio Treasures photo by Ruth Law 2001

It is interesting how connections are made. Last October my husband and I were visiting Sydney and decided to go to an art Exhibition being held at Palm House at the Royal Botanic Gardens.  We caught the ferry from where we were staying at Cremorne Point, passing by the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.  What a beautiful harbour.  I can understand why it is called the emerald city.

The gardens are a sanctuary in the heart of busy Sydney and we wandered the pathways until we came across Palm House.
It was here that Ruth Law was displaying her work as part of a art in the gardens program.

After admiring Ruth's work, we started up a conversation with Ruth and heard about her travels and the journey she has been on around the world to learn the art of Chinese Watercolour. 

We also noticed the winery sponsoring her was Griffin Wines from the Adelaide Hills.  The winery was run by former South Australian Deputy Premier and Attorney General, Trevor Griffin.  It turned out Ruth was his sister.  Both my husband and I knew Trevor through our days as journalists, and in Kym's case when working in State Parliament.  Sadly Trevor passed away in March this year and now every time I look at the photo print I purchased that day, I am reminded of Trevor. 

Trevor was a fine Attorney-General and an outstanding human being.  I personally remember seeking his wise counsel on many occasions as a young journalist not sure of parliamentary procedures.  He was always accommodating and helpful. Never condescending.  In later life Trevor and his wife Val, with help from his sons, went full time into wine making at his beloved Kuitpo Forest property. We would often visit the winery as well as tastings they organised at St Andrew's.

As for Trevor's wines,  Griffin Wines continues to make outstanding wines.  If you are interested in purchasing or visiting, you will find them at:

And if you are interested in knowing more about Ruth Law's work, you can find her at:

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