Friday, April 17, 2015

Norwood, Kent Town and the Adelaide Parklands.

Norwood Parade.

I needed to drop the car off for a service in Stepney today.  The mechanic shop is only about two kilometres from my home.  It's an overcast day in Adelaide.  Good walking weather. Hence, I decided to meander home through Norwood, Kent Town and across the parklands to home. 

Norwood's leafy streets are dotted with small stone cottages and more substantial villas. Sandstone and bluestone were found in abundance when the early settlers arrived in Adelaide in 1836.   All the early homes are consequently made of stone.  Even parts of the 76 square kilometres of parklands surrounding the CBD were quarried for stone.

Norwood has a strong Italian heritage, with many of the Italian migrants settling in Norwood in the 1950s.   Even sandwich bars are called pannini bars.  Adelaide's strong coffee, food and wine culture has much to thank the Italians for.

First Creek meanders through Norwood, under roadways and besides homes, eventually meeting up with the Torrens River.

 Corner stores are still popular, although butchers and green grocers have often made way for cafes but not always.

Along Dequetteville Terrace, facing the parklands, stand some of Adelaide's larger homes, now mainly used by businesses.

The east parklands along the other side of Dequetteville Terrace ring the CBD.  You could be fooled into thinking you are in the country side, yet you are only minutes from the city.

On the other side of the east parklands is East Terrace, with more beautiful old stone homes.  These are mainly residential.

The view of the east parklands from these homes.

And finally, my local high street, Hutt Street, only a couple of hundred metres from the parklands and 500 metres to the centre of the city.  

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