Tuesday, April 14, 2015

North Adelaide Golf Course

An interest that has grown in the last few years is golf.  Adelaide is fortunate to have two public 18 hole and one par 3 course within one kilometre of the CBD in the Adelaide Parklands.  There are 76 square kilometres of parklands completely surrounding the CBD, giving Adelaide a real point of difference with every Australian city, if not every city in the world.

The south course is the pick of the courses.  It is par 71 and 6,000 metres long.

The first 9 holes were established in the 1890s, with the North Adelaide Golf Club established in 1905.   It is one of the oldest clubs in Australia still using its original site.  It is also one of the first Australian clubs to constitute women as full members rather than associates.

The course fairways are lined with enormous moreton bay trees, sheoaks, pepper trees, gums and poplars.
Today I played a practice round with a few of the club members, gearing up for the Shylie Rymill Competition on Thursday. Shylie started playing the great game of golf in 1902 and was President of the South Australian ladies Golf Union from 1925 to 1929.  It may not be the Masters, but then none of us are Jordan Spieth.
Wish us luck!

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