Saturday, April 18, 2015

Afternoon tea on a cold autumn day in Adelaide

It's a cold Autumn Saturday afternoon in Adelaide.  Time for a nice cup of tea.  It's either that or a good glass of South Australian red, but I'll opt for one of my favourite teas first.  
I'll try to hold off on the red for another hour or so!

At the moment it is a toss up between Vani-T's French Earl Grey or T2's Adelaide Breakfast.

I first tasted French Earl Grey as opposed to Earl Grey when on a golfing holiday with my husband late last year. We were staying at a charming B&B in Lorne on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria called La Parouse. We were given the option of French Earl Grey at breakfast.  (I'll give you some details about La Parouse at the end of this post.)

The ingredients in French Earl Grey are listed as black tea, bergamot, marigold, cornflower and rose petals.  As the list of ingredients would suggest, it is a very fragrant tea.  The marketing blurb says it guarantees to have your teapot "smelling like a Parisian parlour in no time at all." Mmmm.

The other tea I quite like at the moment is Adelaide Breakfast.  It is a bit of a gimmick by T2 to name their teas after Australian cities, but it sucked me in!  And I have to say it is pretty good.  It is another black tea with cranberries, lemongrass and blackberry leaves.  Rather poetically the description on the box states, "Adelaide is known for its wine and charm, a romantic part of the world where only the best will do."  A bit over the top, but true.

And if you are interested in staying at La Perouse next time you are travelling the Great Ocean Road heading to Adelaide, I recommend it.

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