Sunday, April 12, 2015

Adelaide Central Market

If you want fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, meat, cheeses and bread, spices and a myriad of other foods, the best place to shop in Adelaide is the Adelaide Central Market in the heart of the city between Gouger and Grote Streets.Opened on the site in 1870, it has become a melting pot of cultures.

With over 80 stalls, the market is a multi-cultural mix of the freshest and best quality produce.

It has a strong heritage of Italian and Greek foods with the newer Vietnamese, Chinese and Middle Eastern foods making a mark in the past twenty years.

I'm lucky to live within walking distance of the Adelaide Central Market and make the trip at least twice a week with my shopping trolley in tow.

If I only need a couple of items I may ride my bike.

Adelaide is like that.

The Adelaide Central Market is right next door to China Town and adjacent to the restaurant strip of Gouger Street.  Tomorrow I'll blog about a yummy meal we had at a Chinese restaurant in Gouger Street; Fortune Duck.

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