Sunday, August 02, 2015

Tudor Revival home in Malvern #Malvern #realestate #architecture #tudor #Adelaide

Between the wars from about 1928 to 1938 Adelaide became enamoured with bungalows and neo-tudor homes such as this one for sale at 41 Austral Terrace Malvern.

The tudor revival home features steeply pitched timber gables and freestone walls.
The verandah sits within the main roof.

It has been modernised inside but has retained some of it's distinctive tudor-revival elements.

Glazed brick fireplaces and exposed dark woodwork are common in these homes.

The steep pitched roofs accommodate attic rooms.

The back part of the house is modern.

But there is still a nod to the tudor revival period of the home.

 And there is plenty of land for beautiful gardens.  See more here

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