Monday, August 24, 2015

New spa on Hutt Street #spa #massage #SoSpaBoutique #HuttStreet

There's a new spa on Hutt Street - So Spa Boutique.  Actually it is owned and managed by Vanessa Newman, who owned the Pear Day Spa just up the road.  However, this location is much better.  It is in the middle of all the action, next to Coffylosophy.  The spa is located in the former Lala's Florist shop, that has been vacant for so many years.

I love a good massage, and there are a few massage options along Hutt Street.  There are two chinese massage shops who offer the quick neck and upper back massage through to the full on pounding through clothing. No need to take any clothes off with a Chinese massage.

Personally I prefer the Balinese style of gentle massage, sans clothes, using scented oils offered at So Spa.  This type of massage is aimed at relaxing and calming the mind and body.

Massage has been around for over 5,000 years. It started in China and moved onto most of Asia, including India.  It has also been around from about 1500 BCE in Eygpt, with paintings of Egyptians performing massage.

Even today in China, massage is seen as a vital part of traditional Chinese medicine, and is taught in modern medical schools in China.  Practitioners of massage claim it can improve oxygen flow in the blood, help the lymphatic system drain away toxins and loosen tight muscles.

There are dozens of different types of massage, ranging from acupressure, ashiatsu (using the feet to massage), Thai, Swedish etc.

So Boutique offers relaxing or Balinese massage, lymphatic massage, deep tissue massage, creamy coconut massage, hot stone massage and a special pregnancy massage.

It also offers a range of other treatments - from facials, to manicures and pedicures, to skin peels and microdermabrasion.

Now and then it is just wonderful to have warm, fragrant oils poured onto your skin and to have tension in muscles massaged away.  You can feel it doing you good.  I think the Chinese are onto something.  We in the west are only just realising the benefits.

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  1. Awesome spa you got there! I agree about what you said that massage can really help improve oxygen flow in the blood. I hope more people would try to go to a spa and let their body be relaxed for a while.