Friday, August 21, 2015

Black Point Shack #Shack #BlackPoint #YorkePenisula #holidays

With winter coming to a close in the southern hemisphere, thoughts of planning the summer beach holiday with the kids start to take shape.

South Australia is blessed with tens of thousands of shacks that sit either right on the beach or within the sand dunes.

You can literally step off the verandah of this shack at Black Point on the Yorke Peninsula into the water. Or better still, throw a fishing line out while ensconced in a comfy chair on the verandah.   The shacks along the peninsulas or indeed, along the Murray River are perched on very still, calm waters, ideal for fishing and crabbing and for little ones to paddle. One of the popular activities along the Murray River is water skiing, the waters are so flat.

The shacks are normally basic, especially from the outside.  Although this shack has been renovated inside and has more modern conveniences than most.  A shack holiday in South Australia is an affordable way to spend a week or two at the beach with the family.  It is a time when you dress exclusively in shorts, t-shirts and thongs (for the feet!), cook virtually every meal on the BBQ and try to do as little as possible.  Hopefully some-one has caught some fish or crabs to cook up.

The only family holidays we had when I was growing up in the 60s was when we rented a shack (a lot more basic than this one). There were no overseas holidays when I was a kid!  And indeed even as a adult with a family, my favourite memories are still the beach holidays in S.A.

And while the shacks on the York and Eyre Peninsulas front onto still waters, there are plenty of shacks on the west and south coasts or around the coast of Kangaroo Island that front onto thundering surf beaches.  It just depends on what you like to do.

If you want to rent this shack, click on here to find out more.

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