Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wakefield Grange Butcher at Wattle Flat #butcher #myponga #wattleflat #wakefieldgrange #organic #grassfed

I've been driving past this farm-gate butcher on my way to Lady Bay for the past year and have never turned off.  Yesterday I turned off and I'm so glad I did.

Wakefield Grange Butcher is located at Wattle Flat, between Myponga and Yankalilla.

Can you beat this entrance for a local butcher?

Wakefield Grange was formed in June 2013 by husband and wife team Nathan and Sophie Wakefield.  They met on an outback pastoral property where Sophie was the governess and Nathan was the contract goat musterer.

They have a paddock to plate philosophy, raising much of their own meat on their 400 acre farm, practicing holistic farming and permaculture. They raise animals that are only fed on grass that are able to graze freely for 365 days a year and are hormone and antibiotic free. And any animals they need to buy to supplement their supply must be 100% grass fed.

There has been research to show that grass fed animals have high levels of conjugated linoleum acid (CLA) with claims that these higher levels of CLA can lead to reduce body fat, clearer arteries and may help prevent diabetes.  It certainly tastes better.

Nathan and Sophie run Angus x Hereford cattle; berkshire, duroc and large white pigs.   I bought 5  grass fed Angus beef scotch fillets at a really reasonable price.  I'm sure my daughter and her carniverous friends will accept an invitation to a dinner of scotch fillet. I'll probably accompany the steaks with duck fat roast potatoes and green beans.  And perhaps a dollop of garlic and parsley butter on the steaks.  Good thing the meat has CLA!

They rotate the livestock through the paddocks to help rejuvenate pastures.

They also run a buyer's club where you can order packs to be delivered to your door.  For more information, click here

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