Monday, July 20, 2015

Ideas for our upstairs terrace #design #renovations #decoration #outdoors

This is the tile we are currently getting laid onto our upstairs outdoor terrace (if it ever stops raining). It has a Moroccan feel.

We weren't going to re-tile the terrace given it was only built and tiled 6 years ago, but after water started pouring through our lounge-room ceiling from a breech in the water-proofing under the terrace above, we had no choice. We had to rip up everything and start again. Let's hope the water-proofing technique used this time works. 

Still as they say, with every cloud is a silver lining.  I think the terrace will look stunning paved in these Moroccan tiles.  Now the next question is, how to decorate? 

We have gone from thinking tropical to Mediterranean, and I think at this stage the Mediterranean has won out, given that is our climate.  I'm thinking lemon, lime, olive and bay trees and perhaps geraniums in  hanging baskets.  But maybe I can sneak in a bit of both. A couple of kentia palms in the shadier areas, or perhaps bird of paradise or sword fern?

Our terrace is open with a pergola and no roof but I quite like the look of these terraces/ verandahs.

So I'm on the hunt for pots and furniture that would look good with the new tiles.

These lightweight fibre-glass pots have an appeal given they don't weigh a ton.

But I prefer terracotta or even a raw cement look.

I like the idea of an outdoor fire pit.

And perhaps a bit of outdoor sculpture on the walls? But maybe a moorish pattern? Or even mirrors?

In a future post I'll show you before and after pictures.  In the meantime, any suggestions are welcome!

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