Monday, July 13, 2015

Dreaming of Spring - The Conservatory Garden Plants #plants #nursery #conservatory #unley #decor

While the "Antarctic vortex" is giving the southern states of Australia a cold snap, one of the things to brighten up the days is native wattle in bloom.

But for further inspiration, I'm ensconced at The Conservatory nursery on Unley Road, dreaming of spring.

We have a Mediterranean climate on the Adelaide plains, giving us a huge selection of plants we can grow in our gardens.  We have cold winters, hot summers and mild springs and autumns. While in the cooler climate regions of the Adelaide hills where they have really cold winters and mild summers, azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons thrive.

I like to plant out pansies in pots to give my garden a bit of colour in the winter.

Pansies in the rear courtyard

Orchid in my kitchen
An orchard on the kitchen bench brightens up the room in contrast to the grey day outside.


  1. Beautiful photos of one of my favourite shops. Jeffrey always has such a good eye, and we're lucky the shop is still going after all these years. I'm pretty sure I can remember going into it in its first home on Unley Road in the late 80's!

    1. Thanks for your comment Heidi... yes, they have been around for many years. The shop gives me lots of inspiration.

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