Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Renovated terrace #architecture #design #moroccan

As promised, here is a post on our renovated terrace.  It still needs more plants and painting but it is getting there.

 Sam, our daughter's poodle, still going strong at 17 years of age! Cute.
He moved out when our daughter moved out and now has a large yard to run around in.

This photo (above) is of the terrace before we moved to Brisbane and rented out the house. The tiles were neutral and the plants were mediterranean.  I liked it a lot.

This is the scene that greeted us when we moved back.  Despite an automated watering system, every plant was dead. :(  As this is my place of "niceness" I won't elaborate on my view of the property manager who was paid to look after the home.

On top of the dead plants and filth, somehow the terrace waterproof membrane was breached and we had waterfalls cascading through the ceiling into our lounge room below the terrace.  Not good.

It's a long story but the decision was finally made to lift all the tiles and the old membrane and start again.

New waterproof membrane

Given we had to lay new tiles, we decided on a bolder look. An added benefit is that these moroccan tiles are anti-slip, not a feature of the old tiles (again, what was I thinking?)

We've picked up the blue in the tiles in a few of the accessories.

Not sure if the black and white stripe works in this setting??

The walls and pergola still need repainting and perhaps a mirror next to the bird of paradise?

The terrace needs more plants but we are fortunate to have a native frangipanni tree on our boundary.  The bird life at dawn and dusk is amazing. It's like sitting in a hide. Parrots, doves, honey-eaters etc. all roost in the tree.

With the warmer weather approaching, I'm looking forward to some star gazing.

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  1. My wife and I recently bought a house with a terrace. I was trying to come up with some ideas of how to decorate it and this is the first post I stumbled on. I think you did a wonderful job of decorating it and I am going to use what I have learned about yours to decorate my own.

    Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes