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Dartmoor House at #Naracoorte #DartmoorHouse #Ormerod #Robe

Dartmoor Homestead at Naracoorte in the south east of South Australia is for sale.

Naracoorte is 333 km from Adelaide, set in rich farming country, near the famous Coonawarra wine district and the lobster capital of Australia, Robe.

Rich pastoral land in the south east (photo from web)

Coonawarra wine district (photo from web)

The homestead

Dartmoor Homestead and outbuildings were built between 1842 and 1890  by George Ormerod, who  hailed from the Lake District in England.  George originally lived in a reed hut on the banks of the Naracoorte creek while building his homestead.

In the 21st century, the homestead was a B&B up until a few years ago, with accommodation split between the main house, a cottage and stockmen's quarters or the "bachelor hall".  Today the homestead and outbuildings sit on 3 acres of land.

The cottage

The Bachelor's hall

George made a fortune in the nearby fishing and port town of Robe. He owned the town store and jetties and ran an export business with his own ship, "Ant", which was subsequently shipwrecked in 1866. His export company "Ormerod and Co" traded more than 2 million pounds worth of goods between 1855 and 1866.

 Today Robe is a thriving fishing port and holiday playground to the farming families from the area and further afield.
Ormerod cottages (photo from web)
 Ormerod built a number of building's in Robe, including the Ormerod Cottages (originally the barracks), Grey Mast Woolstore and Moorakyne House. Today all the buildings are holiday accommodation.

Grey Mast Woolstore (photo from web)

12 roomed Moorakyne House built from local stone (photo from web)

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