Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The beauty of hand-made #glass. #MegCaslake #DavidPedler

There is something very beautiful about hand-made glass.  These beautiful pieces were given to me by a dear friend who knew I coveted them.  The sugar bowl, milk jug and salt bowl are made by Adelaide glass artist Meg Caslake who collaborates with ceramic artist David Pedler.  They have a hot glass studio at Uraidla in the Adelaide hills and a ceramics studio at Moonta.  Both have either worked at the Jam Factory or exhibited there.  Their work is also available through art images gallery and Kirra Galleries

The colour changes depending on the light

via art images gallery

Some of Meg's other works have a nautical feel.

via art images gallery

Via art images gallery

I have some other favourite pieces.  This orange paperweight was designed and made by Mel Traler.

A few years ago I picked up these venetian glass pieces from a glass factory on the Island of Murano near Venice.

This light-catching bowl was designed by Anna Ehrner and made at the famous Kosta Boda factory in Sweden.

Just a few of my favourite things that brighten-up the day.

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